Build your real-time analytics API securely and at scale

Tinybird accelerates your data so you can work with it in real-time. Don’t spend time setting up infrastructure, just code in the front-end and run your queries against terabytes of data.

Instant answers of all kinds – Powered by SQL

Connect and accelerate your data through Pipes to quickly create a real-time API for it.

  • No setup

    Just use .csv files. No matter how many rows or columns they have.

  • Fast & Smart ingestion

    Ingest millions of rows per second. Fix import errors on-the-fly.

  • SQL based Data Pipes

    Run embeded fast transformations using our Data Pipes.

  • Secure data

    Implement row-level permissions using our Auth tokens.

  • No back-end needed

    If needed, run your queries directly from the browser

  • Linearly scalable

    Scales linearly and on-demand. With no extra effort.

  • From developers by developers

    Imagine if you could turn any CSV file in a fully secured real-time analytics API, in a matter of minutes. Connect your current database, data lake or data stream via CSV.

  • Out of the box secured real-time analytics APIs

    Query your data from your real-time applications no back-end needed. Learn how to query data once in Tinybird.

  • Amazon Redshift
  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • Google Big Query
  • Amazon S3
  • Segment
  • Kafka
  • Snowflake

Not in the mood for coding? Use our UI

Manage your data sources, create and define Auth Tokens and create Data Pipes. All in a frictionless environment.

Tinybird UI

We help big and small organizations to deliver and exploit real-time analytics

Our experience and unique approach come from having spent the largest part of our careers developing tech & data intensive products for big companies and global startups.

  • Javier Santana, coder and e-racer
    Javier Santana

    Tech. Previously Head of BBVA Data services, CARTO CTO and Agroguia Founder.

  • Jorge G. Sancha, product and hands
    Jorge G. Sancha

    The ultimate generalist. Product and Engineering background. Former CDO at CARTO. Previously Co-Founder and GM at BeBanjo (sold in 2011).

  • Raul Ochoa, coder and e-racer
    Raul Ochoa

    Coder, biker, and cars passionate. Former Head of Technology at CARTO. Previously worked at Tuenti and Yahoo.

  • Javier Álvarez, Front-end and hugs
    Javier Álvarez

    Front-end developer, hugs expert. Former Lead developer at Tech lead at CARTO.


  • Nasa
  • BBVA
  • Google
  • Yahoo
  • United Nations Environment Programme

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